WWE star Roman Reigns on chemistry amongst The Shield, putting up with the Total Divas cameras, his Superman punch, Richard Sherman's promo after the NFC Championship game

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Jan 24, 2014 - 11:05 AM

Chad Dukes Wrestling Show interview with Roman Reigns
Host: Chad Dukes
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On Richard Sherman's "promo": "I heard him say a good line, he didn't make a play he made 'the play', which in his own right, that's awesome, I enjoyed that. But his whole remarks about Crabtree being mediocre, he kinda just buried himself to me. You're the best cornerback in the game and they're putting you on a mediocre receiver? You only made one play on a mediocre receiver? Which I think he, if he understood the psychology of smack talk, he would build up that receiver and then put himself over even more. You know, 'I'm going against this all-pro bad ass wide receiver, but guess what, I'm the best corner back in the game. I'll lock down anybody."

On the Superman Punch: "If you watch MMA, you never see them land those things but they always look really cool. I also think where I got it a little bit was from the movie Troy. In the very opening scene when he kills the giant/ Like he just runs at the giant, jumps up, and stabs the dude in the neck. They're kinda the same movement. I don't have a sword I just have a big fist."

On the Shield's chemistry: "It was strange because, we've spent a lot of time together don't get me wrong but, just some things are natural, you know what I mean, and lot of times in groups you'll have a lot of similar guys, but for us I think what makes it so perfect is we're all so different. Of course we have some things that are in common, we have a lot of likeness, but if you look at us, the three of us, we just took a bunch of opposites, and we just put 'em all together, and the puzzles fit perfectly. It came with a lot of time together, a lot of traveling together, and getting to know each other, but a lot of it is, it worked out naturally, we all have the same goal and we're all willing to do what it takes to work towards it."

On the Total Divas cameras backstage: "I'll literally be getting dressed or something, I turn the corner, and WHAM there's the cameras. 'Ah, they got me again.' It's like "Where's Waldo", you never know where they're gonna be. And for me when I'm backstage, preparing, getting ready, it's not something I wanna be bothered with. So sometimes you'll just randomly hear guys cursing, like that's gonna get them off of the show, like they can't use that scene or something because, 'there's that guy, he's just cussing in the background. A lot of guys just, they all just duck their heads and walk off. So that's something that we deal with but that's the world of entertainment."

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