WWE star Rey Mysterio's controversial surgeon may have medical license suspended or revoked, NFL players union critical of surgeon

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Feb 12, 2013 - 10:52 AM

David Chao, the surgeon who has performed multiple surgeries on WWE star Rey Mysterio may have his medical license revoked by the California board due to allegations of "gross negligence in his care of patients." Chao, who serves as the head physician for the San Diego Chargers, is being cited by the NFL players union as an example of why players should have a say in the selection of team doctors. Read more on the story at

Powell's POV: I wrote a story five years ago this month about Chao's sketchy background and noted that he had been sued 18 times, including four times by Chargers players, for medical malpractice, negligence, or fraud. I'm not sure whether Mysterio still uses Chao as a surgeon, but I know he did even after all of the negative publicity, much to the chagrin of some WWE officials. If all of the allegations against David Chao are accurate, Mysterio may have better luck hiring Leslie Chow to patch him up. "So long, gay boys!"

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