WWE star John Cena says the focus has shifted to more in-ring action and less talk, feels WWE in the verge developing an all-star roster

Feb 18, 2014 - 12:55 PM

WWE star John Cena was interviewed by Steve Austin on Tuesday's "The Steve Austin Show" podcast and expressed confidence in the current roster. "Right now I'm very excited, not only for stuff like the WWE Network, but I think we are on the cusp of getting a true all-star lineup for the first time in a long time," Cena said. "We have a lot of guys who are if not making some noise, about to make some serious noise...

"When you have one dude and you're trying to make superstars off of that dude, a majority of the audience just recognizes that one guy. And thats why when you have a feud with Daniel Bryan or a feud The Rock, you don't hear the 'Let's Go Cena/Cena Sucks' as much. You cheer for one guy, boo the other guy. But when it's a one man party out there often times, the crowd is attached to the one man...

"It's not that what we have isn't good. I could waste four hours talking about the state of the business, setbacks I think guys can't overcome. I think we have a locker room full of very, very talented superstars, but I also think we have a locker room full of superstars that are fearful of their employment and are not willing to take that one step, that Austin 3:16 whip your ass or that put your hat on backwards and a chain around your neck when no one else is doing it. Go out on a limb."

Cena also addressed the television direction shifting to more in-ring action. "Our product is moving toward more action and less talk," he said. "I think it is good in respect to the international markets because the promos, if you're in Japan if you're in China if you're in Mexico if you're in India, they don't necessarily speak the language. And if we don't have a good translation team over there... If I turn WWE on with no volume and I see two guys in the ring going at it I understand it, no matter where I'm at. Sometimes the talking stuff, from a global standpoint, isn't where it needs to be. Plus, I think more action gives the guys who can actually work more opportunities."

Austin stressed the importance of building characters and personalities. "You're not talking to Lou Thesz, man," Cena replied. "I like the talking (laughs). I like the entertainment. I like the character building. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that, but you know the deal. 'Okay, guys, we're going into the Attitude Era.' 'Okay, guys, the Attitude Era is over"... You either adapt or you get out."

Powell's POV: Cena comes off really well throughout the interview and is always a good spokesman for WWE. His passion for the company and his desire to help it grow is expressed repeatedly throughout the interview. For instance, he spoke about learning Mandarin with the goal of helping WWE expand into China. While so many wrestlers have taken the carny approach of trying to get everything they can out of the business by doing as little as possible, Cena has positioned himself as the ultimate company guy. Cena also addressed the shift to three-hour Raw shows and whether it's too much, the crowd reaction during his Royal Rumble match against Randy Orton, and much more. It's rare to hear Cena in this type of setting and is therefore a must listen interview.

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