WWE star Chris Jericho recalls getting Shane McMahon drunk, the awkward way he found out he'd win a World Title, why he walked sideways to the ring at WrestleMania 28

Nov 27, 2012 - 09:55 AM

Dot Net reader Steven Greenwood attended the Chris Jericho Spoken Word event on Sunday in London, England and sent the following report.

The show was very well attended, I would probably say about 250 people in attendance. There was a VIP ticket available which gave you a meet and greet after but I felt it was a little pricey at £50 so passed on that. I know some people who purchased V.I.P tickets had to leave before the show finished due to it running late and people had to catch late Sunday night trains.

The show began with a five minute montage of Jerichos career, starting with his title wins, through his career and finishing with Fozzy before the Countdown to the Millennium countdown aired and the lights went out on zero. Jericho entered the stage and posed in his Wrestlemania light up jacket before starting the show.

He joked he had no plan unlike Duff McKagan, who apparently had 29 pages of notes. He complimented those in attendance and called us the die-hard fans and as a treat showed us how the light up jacket works (I will keep that a secret for those who attended) and told a funny story about Wrestlemania 28 and how the jacket failed on one side so spent the ten minutes before the match worrying about the jacket and how he walked to the ring sideways so the camera could focus only on the working side and only faced the hard camera side-on. I watched it back when I got home and laughed my ass off knowing this story!

Jericho continued with stories from his WWE career, some of which appear in is second book. Stories about the night he won the Undisputed WWE Championship and the difficulties he had in his hotel afterwards, how he found out he was going to win after Vince McMahon walked past with the Undertaker and quipped how business must be going down the drain as he was putting the belt on Jericho.

He then told the story of the Smackdown crew traveling from Zurich to Madrid in a tiny bus when the volcanic ash cloud shut down all the airspace. I can't do this story justice in a report as Jericho told it so well, with great impersonations of Johnny Ace and Ricky Steamboat both to huge pops. 

After this he opened the floor to questions, and a queue of about ten people formed. For some questions, Jericho had very thorough answers which always led to some more great anecdotes including most peoples personal highlight a story about getting Shane McMahon drunk in a bar in Malaysia, which garnered huge laughs! More questions followed, one about the Zakk Wylde version of 'Break The Walls Down' which Y2J spent time telling the story of the song and how Vince Mcmahon hated it, meeting Sharon Osbourne for the first time and the Osbournes appearing on Raw. Another question led to him telling stories from his first book, about Mexico, being mugged, and how he was named Golden Lion in a chat show.

Wrapping up the show after a couple of questions including one about why Zack Ryder wasn't pushed. Jericho responded with a smile and "you should ask Zack Ryder." The final question was regarding whether Jericho has any problems with any WWE wrestlers which led to a story about Goldberg in WCW (I think that appears in his first book) and a story about Ultimate Warrior not eating dessert, just smelling it!

Finally, Jericho told the story of how he got the name Y2J, after Vince rejected it as the name for his new finisher and decided that would be his name. He finished by thanking the audience and posed a little while in the light up jacket before departing.

Overall, it was a great show. Jericho is a great entertainer (as we all know) and delivered a great show focused mostly on wrestling. The stories were amusing and if he chose to he would make a great comedian/speaker in the style of Mick Foley. If he does another show like it I thoroughly recommend it for any wrestling fan. 

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