WWE star Chris Jericho questions whether any new stars have been built on Raw in the last six months, says the company is in crisis mode

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By By Jason Powell
Aug 20, 2009 - 10:19 PM

WWE star Chris Jericho told Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun that the company is in crisis mode when it comes to the need to create new stars. "It wasn’t reluctance; it was just denial," Jericho said of the refusal to push new stars in WCW. "They just wouldn’t do it and it [ticked] me off so much because there was a lot of money left on the table.

"It’s something that I said that I would never do. We’re in a crisis period in WWE and we need to build new guys. When Shawn Michaels came back to Raw, he said, 'Whose been built since I left?' On Smackdown we’ve built [John] Morrison and [Dolph] Ziggler and Cryme Tyme.

"The Intercontinetal Title has been rebuilt now with Rey Mysterio. But I can’t tell you on Raw who has been built over the last six months. They better do it soon, because when this generation of performers is gone, who will replace them?" To read the full interview, visit the Ring Posts Blog.

Powell's POV: Damn! Good for Jericho. It's about time someone in the company stood up and pointed out the obvious. Here's hoping Vince McMahon is paying attention and that he opts to take Jericho's advice rather than get pissed at him for being brutally honest. There's much more to the interview, as Jericho also discusses his disappointment in Edge's injury, his program with Mysterio, and his band Fozzy's forthcoming album. A great read.

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