WWE star C.M. Punk on Talking Dead: Audience member's notes on the AMC studio show and what happened off camera

Mar 17, 2014 - 12:42 PM

Dot Net reader Kevin Kittridge attended the "Talking Dead" show in-studio on Sunday night and sent the following report.

After we watched "The Walking Dead" episode, we were asked if we had any questions for the guests. We were told that if the question was good and original, there was a possibility that we could ask it on the show. One dude said he had a question for Phil Brooks (a/k/a C.M. Punk), and it was something about who on Walking Dead would he want to wrestle. The question screener said that we probably wouldn't be asking any wrestling questions.

Also, I know people we're talking online about "hijacking" the show, but even when they first came out there wasn't a single person chanting CM Punk.

Before the show started and they were all on the couch BS-ing, Yvette Nicole Brown joked something about being nervous about Punk having a live mic. He replied that a lot of people were nervous about him being on the show (half joking).

Powell's POV: I watched the show on television last night and posted a quick story on the site. There was no direct comment from Punk about WWE or pro wrestling, but there was one line that may interest his fans. Thanks also to Dot Net Member Efren for his help.

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