WWE's Roddy Piper and Santino Marella appear on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" with a birthday cake and, well, you know the rest

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May 17, 2008 - 12:51 PM

Dot Net reader Matt C. filed the following report on Friday night: Just turned on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." They went "live" to a Hooters, I assume in California where Kimmel is taped. I saw Roddy Piper and Santino Marella standing in a Hooters. Santino ragged on Cousin Sal—Jimmy's real cousin.

Piper starts again with "Did you get a designated driver?" to santino. Then Piper yelled out "Betty Ford, shut down the liquor."  Kimmel had no idea what he was saying. Santino walked up to Sal, who had told him it was private party. Santino slapped Sal. Piper, who was right there, slapped Santino. Sal hit Santino with a birthday cake. They rolled around the floor and Piper threw hot wings at both men. All this and no plug for the PPV. Stupid.

Powell's POV: The show airs later in my market so I set the DVR and just watched the clip. The setup was that it was Cousin Sal's birthday and his favorite wrestler is Piper. Jimmy had Roddy present his cousin with a birthday cake at Hooters. You can watch the entire segment in the video section at

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