WWE news: WWE Network will probably be a pay channel according to industry report

Oct 25, 2012 - 10:28 AM

According to an SNL Kagan report reported on by, WWE is most likely set to announce WWE Network as a pay channel that will reach half of the US households, about 57 million homes. Of those 57 million, WWE considers 20 percent (12 million) hard core fans, with the remaining 80 percent (45 million) split evenly between "casual" fans and what WWE calls "lapsed" fans, or fans who have watched in the past but do not now and could be coaxed back. You can read more at

Shore's Slant: The story also notes that WWE has over 100,000 hours of video that can be used on the network. I'm a bit shocked that no one pushed back on the idea that every single household that WWE reaches could be "coaxed" into watching the network. I guess the people that hate wrestling, and we all know they exist, are in that half of the population that won't be able to get the network. That seems convenient to me.

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