WWE legend Mick Foley comedy review: Foley addresses Paul Bearer's death, his status as the Saturday Morning Slam general manager

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Mar 8, 2013 - 01:15 PM

Dot Net reader Brandon Ables attended Mick Foley's comedy caravan event on Wednesday in Louisville, Ky. and sent the following report.

The comedy caravan was sold out with a waiting list of people, I would say about 250-275 in attendance. There were about three guys that went before Mick that was ok but nothing to special. Mick came out wearing what looked to be pajamas and said when he's not working with WWE he wears comfortable clothing, not slacks and a jacket. He told many stories of being on the road and what not and didn't actually tell one joke.

Foley mentioned Paul Bearer and echoed what many have said in that we lost a great man. The night ended with a Q&A with Foley, Rip Rogers, and Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore. Nick told one really disturbing story of being in a brothel overseas and some hooker using a sex toy on him! All in all, the night was pretty great hearing some stories from an all time great. Foley said he'd be returning to Louisville in six months to a year. If he comes close to you he is defiantly worth picking up a ticket and going to see. He did say that he is the new manager for Saturday Morning Slam.

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