WWE and TNA provide good news to the hearing impaired

Posted in: WWE News, TNA News
May 24, 2013 - 10:18 AM

Max Zaleski launched an online petition that asked WWE and TNA to include subtitles on their DVD releases. Max reached his goal in January for Wrestling with Subtitles by getting 1,500 signatures. He wrote that TNA contacted him in February to know that they would be adding subtitles to future releases, and he emailed followers to inform that that WWE will include subtitles on their new releases beginning next month. For more information, visit

Powell's POV: I've suffered some hearing loss in my right ear and use subtitles on a regular basis, so this is definitely welcome news even on just a personal level. Max also noted in the email he issued that he is going to keep his website open and use it as a blog/opinion site for all things pro wrestling. Thanks to Dot Net Member Rich Conner for passing along the story.

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