WWE WrestleMania onsite: A fan's first WrestleMania experience

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Apr 8, 2013 - 10:26 AM

Dot Net reader A.J. Maltese of Lodi, N.J. attended WrestleMania 29 and sent the following report.

I arrived late due to my friend Danny Lamas's job, though if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have went because we didn't have tickets until late Saturday night and he was a big part of us getting them! Thank you Danny!!! We only missed The Miz beating Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Title, which they showed in between a match we didn't care about. On to Mania.

It was amazing. Our dream to go to Mania since we were young, as have both been WWF/WWE fans for about ten years now. Finally, at 17 we both experienced it. We got our tickets last minute late Saturday night and it was well worth it. The Jersey Crowd was amazing. It was cold when it got close to the Punk match. The Super Bowl is going to be freezing next year.

MetLife is only a ten-minute drive from where I live in Jersey so it wasn't that far at all a lot of people from other states and countries. The undercard matches were okay but the three main events blew me away. I'm a big Lesnar fan. Seeing him, The Rock, and Chris Jericho for the first time was amazing (I saw Triple H, John Cena, and Undertaker many times before). Y2J got a massive pop, as did Taker.

This wasn't preset on TV most likely The Rock was getting booed. Cena had a mixed reaction like always down here. Dolph Ziggler was amazing in his match and when Alberto Del Rio won the whole place was chanting "we want Ziggler." When he didn't come out, we all booed.

I loved it and hopefully they will come back to MetLife in a few years so I can go again. I will never forget last night. Also, seeing Diddy perform my favorite song of all time "Mo Money Mo Problems" was amazing as well. The event was sold out, as I didn't see any empty seats.

PS. Not that many Giants jerseys around the arena. I was happy since I'm an Eagles fan.

Biggest Pops
Triple H
Dolph ( After Delrio Won)

Most Heat
The Shield
Gov . Chris Christie

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