WWE Video: Wade Barrett on whether he's happy with his current push

Posted in: WWE News
Aug 20, 2013 - 03:32 PM

WWE star Wade Barrett spoke with Sam Roberts of Sirius/XM satellite radio and was asked whether he's happy with his current role. "I'm never going to be happy just kind of being in the middle," Barrett said. "I always want to be at the top. That's my aim. I want to be the World Champion. Sometimes you do have to bide your time a little, sometimes you have to wait for opportunities, but from my perspective I do everything I can everyday to get myself up there and get myself higher on the card, and that's really my goal is to be World Heavyweight Champion." View the interview at

Powell's POV: It's a good interview with Barrett talking about main eventing pay-per-views early in his WWE career while leading The Nexus, his disappointment with The Nexus ending prematurely, the bare knuckles fighter persona he had, fighting as a kid, breaking his arm during a match and feeling the bone sticking out, and more.

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