WWE Video: Sgt. Slaughter claims he was supposed to be Jack Swagger's manager and new GI Joe character

Posted in: WWE News
Apr 17, 2013 - 06:30 PM

Arda Ocal interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter at the Cauliflower Ally Club and Sarge claimed he was supposed to play Sgt. Slaughter in the new GI Joe movie (it is played by Bruce Willis). Sarge talked about his duties as a WWE Ambassador, and said he was originally slated to be Jack Swagger's manager, but things went another way due to injuries. You can see the video at

Shore's Slant: Sarge said the original plan was for Swagger to work babyface and he would train Swagger by "putting him through boot camp." Pretty cool interview with the Hall of Famer.

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