WWE Video: Paul Heyman on writing storylines for the WWE 13 video game, says C.M. Punk is a very pissed off individual because of how he's treated by WWE

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Oct 9, 2012 - 01:31 PM

Arda Ocal of The Score and the Baltimore Sun spoke with WWE personality Paul Heyman about his involvement in the WWE 13 video game. "I ended up writing all the storylines for the Attitude Era and the Universe mode. I had a blast doing it. It was just like old days for me except I didn't have Vince McMahon yelling at me when he didn't like the storylines that I was writing because I was submitting them to THQ and not Vince McMahon."

"I don't think there's anybody who knows C.M. Punk who can honestly tell you that this is not a real real moment on television in his life. C.M. Punk is a very pissed off individual. He is the WWE Champion and has been now for a year. With the exception of being on the cover of this video game, he is not the poster boy for this company. He is not what this company envisions to be... The fact is that C.M. Punk deserves the credit for being the best in the world." You can view the interview at

Powell's POV: Heyman was a riot at the beginning of the interview as he ragged on how hard Arda has attempted to score an interview with him over the years. Heyman also spoke about how surprised he is to be back in WWE, how WWE and ECW developed a partnership in the '90s, and what it takes to be a Paul Heyman Guy.

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