WWE Video: Mick Foley on whether his WWE Hall of Fame speech will appear on the USA Network special,

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Apr 5, 2013 - 04:00 PM

WWE legend Mick Foley spoke with Brian Fritz of at WWE Fan Axxess on Friday and spoke about whether his WWE Hall of Fame speech will be televised on the USA Network special. "I'll give you guys and exclusive," Foley said. "I did get a little bit angry when I thought that my speech wasn't going to be televised.

"One thing I promised myself when I heard the WWE mention my book while I was not working for them, while I was working for a different company. I said, 'You know, if I'm ever asked to be in the Hall of Fame, I will gladly go and I won't place any conditions on my entry.'

"Then I started, 'Hey, wait a second.' And I regretted that and I apologized to a few people directly for that... Fortunately, Santa Claus got involved and he apparently released Vince McMahon from his decades long stay on the naughty list and things are going to work out fine."

Powell's POV: Foley also spoke about Terry Funk agreeing to serve as his inductor into the Hall of Fame, the event taking place in his backyard at Madison Square Garden, and more.

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