WWE Video: Hornswoggle on whether the word midget wrestler bothers him, and which WWE legend he grew up idolizing and has yet to meet

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Apr 13, 2013 - 09:55 AM

WWE personality Hornswoggle was interviewed by Brian Socia and spoke about Ultimate Warrior being his favorite wrestler when he was a kid. "That's the last guy on my list that I need to meet," Hornswoggle said. "They always say don't meet your heroes if you don't want to be let down. I don't want to be let down."

Hornswoggle was also asked if the word midget bothers him. "That's fully what I am," he said. "If you put little person wrestler on a poster, people are going to say, 'Is that kids, is that weird odd people?' You put midget wrestling and they know what it is. I am technically not a midget I am a dwarf or a little person, but I consider myself a midget. I just don't care. I don't care enough...I'm not going to waste anger on the word midget or someone calling me that. I've been called worse." You can view the video at

Powell's POV: Hornswoggle vented about Ultimate Warrior changing his name to The Warrior. He said it was the dumbest thing he could do because first name "Ultimate" and last name "Warrior" would have been cooler. He also noted in the interview that he was paralyzed for nine months and had major back surgeries. He was told no trampolines or contact sports, yet he has gone on to become a pro wrestler, which is amazing. Hornswoggle also spoke about the collection war he has with two WWE wrestlers. It's a cool interview with a guy you don't see out of character very often.

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