WWE Survivor Series 2009 Flashback: John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship, Undertaker vs. Big Show vs. Chris Jericho for the World Hvt. Championship, Batista vs. Rey Mysterio

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Nov 18, 2012 - 09:58 AM

The following is Jason Powell's "Live Coverage" report of the November 22, 2009 WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view. Check back tonight for live coverage of the 2012 Survivor Series from Jason Powell and Chris Shore beginning with the free preview match at 6:30 p.m. CT. Dot Net Members can look forward to their exclusive audio review on Sunday night. Join us on the ad-free version of the website by signing up for membership now via the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.

Aired live on pay-per-view
Washington, D.C. at Verizon Center

The show opened with a video that provided flashback clips to past Survivor Series events. Undertaker was featured, including his debut in 1990...

Powell's POV: Where the hell was this in the weeks leading up to the show? It wasn't the longest video, but it still astonishes me that they produced the MSG video, but never focussed on the history of the Survivor Series. That said, the MSG video was well done.

A pyro display went off on the stage. Michael Cole welcomed viewers to the second longest pay-per-view in WWE history... Justin Roberts stood in the ring and explained the rules of the Survivor Series elimination matches... Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Matt Striker are on commentary for the show...

Powell's POV: It's great to hear Striker on commentary. It will be interesting to hear someone who actually has passion for the product calling matches along with Cole and Lawler.

1. The Miz, Jack Swagger, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler defeated John Morrison, Finlay, Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin in a Survivor Series elimination match in 20:55. The first elimination came when Bourne hit the Shooting Star Press on Ziggler for the pin at 4:00. McIntyre immediately hit the double-arm DDT on Bourne for the pin at 4:15.

At 5:15, Sheamus nailed Finlay with a big boot to the face and pinned him. Finlay was distracted momentarily by Miz, which gave Sheamus the opening to nail the kick. Hardy entered the match and worked with a couple heels before tagging Morrison into the match for the first time at 12:45.

Morrison hit the Chuck Kick on Swagger and went for the cover. The heels entered the ring to break up the pin and somehow referee Scott Armstrong was injured. He held up the X sign and then held his head in pain. Another referee ran out to replace Armstrong. Morrison hit Starship Pain on Swagger to eliminate him from the match at 12:10.

Shelton checked in for the first time and hit some flashy offense on Miz. However, Sheamus reached in and struck Shelton, which enabled Miz to hit the Skull Crushing Finale and get the pin at 15:00. Meanwhile, they showed Armstrong being treated by the trainer on the floor. Replays showed that he took an accidental knee to the back of the head from Sheamus.

At 17:00, Hardy missed a moonsault on McIntyre, who came back with the double-arm DDT for the win. Striker called it a Kobayshi DDT. Can't you just hear Vince ranting about that call? This left Morrison in there with three heel opponents.

Late in the match, Morrison went for a springboard move, but Sheamus kicked him in the knee. Sheamus followed up with the Razor's Edge (or whatever they're calling it) for the pin. Sheamus, McIntyre, and The Miz were the survivors for their team.

Powell's POV: Good opening match with rapid fire action. The only major surprise was Ziggler being pinned early. I figured Sheamus couldn't lose by anything other than DQ. Morrison doesn't lose anything because he was outnumbered, and the young heels look strong.

Backstage, Christian told teammates Kofi Kingston, MVP, R-Truth, and Mark Henry that he's different. "I'm the only one that's..." They cut him off and said it's cool because they're teammates. Christian revealed that he meant that he was the only person from ECW. Christian also noted that he's Canadian, and he said that Canadians are good rappers like R-Truth. Christian busted out a rap about how four of them were black and one was white. "I'll work on it and get back with you guys," Christian said...

Powell's POV:. Harmless fun. All five guys looked unified, which I assume was the point of the segment along with providing some quick comedy relief.

A video recapped the Batista and Rey Mysterio feud...

2. Batista beat Rey Mysterio via ref stoppage at 6:50. Batista received a big pop. Cole quickly stated that he wasn't surprised because Batista is from the D.C. area. Of course, he's been getting that reaction everywhere, but it's a good cover by Cole. At 3:50, Rey hit the 619 and followed up with a West Coast Pop.

Rey went to the top rope and did the Eddie Guerrero shimmy. There were more boos than cheers. Rey went for the Frogsplash, but Batista put his knees up. Batista took control of the match and hit three Batista Bombs. The referee stepped in and called for the bell to stop the match after determining that Rey couldn't continue. The fans cheered when Batista won.

After the match, Batista entered the ring and sat down on a chair in front of the fallen Mysterio. He stood up and put the chair down and the fans booed because he didn't use it as a weapon. He picked up Batista and slammed him onto the chair. "One more time," the fans chanted. Trainers tended to Mysterio as Batista headed backstage...

Powell's POV: A decent match. Pretty much what you'd expect from these two. The announcers told the story that Batista was more concerned with punishing and injuring Mysterio. Cole called it disgusting.

Backstage, Randy Orton paced in front of his teammates. He talked down to all of them and let him know that he's disappointed in them for not being ECW Champion and the Straight Edge Champ. C.M. Punk fired back that they were disappointed because they expected him to lead by example...

An ad aired for the Thanksgiving Raw show that takes place tomorrow night... During the ring entrances, a video recapped the Kofi and Randy angle from Monday night...

3. Kofi Kingston, MVP, Mark Henry, R-Truth, and Christian defeated Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, C.M. Punk, and William Regal in a Survivor Series elimination tag in 20:50. The referee had to hold back Punk during Truth's entrance, which got a big pop from the live crowd. Henry caught Orton in a bear hug early, but Legacy ran in and kicked his knees. Orton got free and hit the RKO for the first elimination at 0:55.

A fan in the second row held up a great Kool-Aid sign that featured a big Kool-Aid Man and a smaller Kool-Aid Man for Henry and MVP. The smaller one was labeled "Sugar Free." Nice. The second pinfall came at 3:15 when Punk hit the GTS on Truth for the pin.

Christian pinned DiBiase at 5:10. Striker referred to Cody as the "Blue Eyed Bandit." It's a good thing he doesn't have brown eyes. MVP hit the Drive-By on Regal and pinned him around 7:00 to even things up with each team having three wrestlers left. Cole told viewers that Rhodes appeared to be the next member eliminated for his team, which of course led to Cody hitting CrossRhodes on MVP for a pin at 10:30.

Kofi entered the ring and rolled up Cody for a good near fall. Christian tagged into the match and hit the Killswitch on Cody for the clean pin at 11:40. Orton and Punk were left to face Christian and Kofi. Chrisitan hit the Killswitch on Randy, but Punk broke it up. Randy hit the RKO on Christian and scored the pin at 13:40.

Kofi was left to face two heels. He entered the ring and struck a fighting pose to face Orton, but Randy took the easy way out by tagging in Punk. Striker reminded viewers that Punk and Kofi are former tag champions. Orton watched from the floor as Punk and Kofi traded offense.

After a lengthy battle between Punk and Kofi, Orton distracted Kofi by teasing that he was entering the ring. Punk rolled up Kofi, but Kofi rolled through and got the pin. Orton entered the ring immediately, but Kofi jumped up and caught him with the Trouble in Paradise kick and scored the clean pin on Orton. Kofi was the sole survivor for his team.

Powell's POV: Excellent match. Punk and Kofi worked well together and the only question was whether Orton was going to immediately hit he RKO or if Kofi would pin him quickly. Kofi put in a good enough showing that they could have had Orton pin him and he wouldn't have lost any momentum, but they put him over in a huge way by having him beat Punk and Orton.

Highlights aired from Friday's Smackdown of the Taker and Kane vs. Chris Jericho and Big Show match...

4. Undertaker defeated Big Show and Chris Jericho in a Triple Threat match to retain the World Hvt. Championship in 13:40. There was a long pause after the heels were introduced. The fans chanted Taker's name until his music started. Cool moment. The heels worked as a team early to rough up Taker. They took him to ringside and beat him up in the timekeeper's area.

Jericho caught Taker in the Walls of Jericho at 8:00 while Show was selling on the floor. Taker inched toward the ropes, but Jericho pulled him back to the middle. Show recovered, grabbed Jericho by the throat, and chokeslammed him. Show and Taker went for simultaneous chokeslams on one another. Jericho broke them up by bringing the title belt in the ring and striking Show over the head with it.

Taker had Jericho up for the Last Ride, but Jericho nailed him with the title belt. Moments later, Jericho went for the Tombstone. Taker countered it by going for the move himself, but Show struck him with the knockout punch. Show and Jericho began fighting and Show knocked down Jericho with the big punch.

Show grabbed Taker by the throat for a chokeslam, but Taker countered with the Hell's Gate submission hold. Show tapped out to give Taker the win via submission...

Powell's POV: The match started slow and they had a hard time getting the fans into the action after the hot Kofi Kingston match. However, they had the fans behind them by mid-match and they popped big for the finish. By the way, Taker came away with a bloody mouth when Jericho dropkicked Show off him and landed on Taker's face.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed The Miz, Sheamus, and Drew McIntyre. The Miz said they showed just a smidgen of the greatness they are all destined for. They all took turns boasting about their greatness...

5. Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Melina, Gail Kim, Eve Torres defeated Michelle McCool, Layla, Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall, and Alicia Fox in a Survivor Series elimination tag in 10:40. Kelly pinned Layla at 1:15. McCool hit the Styles Clash on Kim at 2:05. Eve pinned Jillian at 3:35. Beth entered the ring and pinned Eve with the Glam Slam roughly 15 seconds later. She hit the same move on Kelly and pinned her at 4:05.

Mickie entered the ring for the first time. Lawler said they had to reenforce the ring for Mickie. Okay, so he didn't say it, but it would have been funny given the angle they did on Friday. Mickie rolled up Beth and pinned her at 5:00. Beth took a cheap shot at Mickie on the way out.

Mickie pinned Fox at 6:30. McCool was the only heel left. Shocking, right? McCool got the better of her exchange with Mickie, but James tagged in Melina. AFter some back and forth action, Melina hit her finisher on McCool and scored the pin. Mickie James and Melina were the survivors for their team.

A commercial aired for the TLC pay-per-view. Pay-per-view party regular Hater Dave just joked that the video, which featured chairshots galore, was brought to us by Chris Nowinski's concussion research group...

The announcers recapped Batista beating up Rey Mysterio... "Moments ago," Todd Grisham interviewed Batista, who said he was embarrassed for Mysterio...

Powell's POV: Embarrassed is the buzzword of the night for WWE. You'd be Packer fan drunk if you took a drink every time they've said the world embarrassed tonight.

Ring introductions for the main event took place. Shawn Michaels and Triple H came out together as DX. Cena came out wearing a new orange shirt that read "Never Give Up." Ugh...

6. John Cena beat Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a Triple Threat match to retain the WWE Championship in 21:10. The bell rang and HBK immediately hit Sweet Chin Music on Triple H and knocked him out of the ring. The fans popped for the DX dissension. Cena sold it by standing in the ring with his jaw dropped. The perfect way to open the match.

Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment early, but Shawn countered with a DDT. Striker immediately brought up Cena's past neck surgery. A loud "Cena sucks" chant broke out. Shawn locked Cena in the figure four. Cena eventually rolled it over, so HBK broke the move.

Shawn took the fight to ringside. He stripped down the announcers' table. Striker said this isn't the fun loving Michaels. He said he was taking it to another level. Great call. Cena recovered and went for the Attitude Adjustment on HBK, but Triple H recovered just in time to break up the move. HBK dumped Cena into the timekeeper's section and then turned around and took the spinebuster from Hunter, who drove Shawn through the announcers' table.

Hunter and Cena fought in the ring while Michaels remained at ringside selling the spinebuster. They traded offense for a few minutes until HBK reentered the ring at 12:00. Hunter and Shawn disposed of Cena and had a good staredown. They also traded offense with both men hitting some of their signature spots.

Shawn went up top and slipped. He regained his footing, but Cena recovered and knocked him off. A short time later, Shawn dropped an elbow on Cena. However, Cena recovered quickly and caught Hunter in the STF. Hunter was close to the ropes when Shawn entered the ring and caught Cena in the Crossface. Cena released Hunter.

Cena eventually stood up with Shawn in position for the Attitude Adjustment. However, Shawn hit him with a couple elbows to escape. Cena quickly applied the STF on Shawn. HBK teased tapping, but eventually reached the ropes to break the hold. Moments later, Cena walked into Sweet Chin Music. Shawn also hit Hunter with Sweet Chin Music. Hunter fell onto Cena, while Shawn fell out of the ring. The referee counted Hunter's pin, but Cena kicked out at the last moment.

Cena caught Hunter with the Attitude Adjustment at 19:20. Shawn crawled back inside the ring. HBK and Cena both crawled toward hunter and draped arms over him, but Hunter kicked out.

Late in the match, Hunter had Cena in position for the Pedigree, but Shawn hit Sweet Chin Music on Hunter. Cena scooped up Shawn and hit the Attitude Adjustment that dropped Shawn on top of Hunter. Cena covered Hunter and scored the 1-2-3 to win the match and retain the title...

Powell's POV: Another excellent match. They set the pace early with the great Sweet Chin Music opening. There were some fun near falls and the crowd popped for all three guys. The spots with Cena and Hunter in the ring with Shawn selling generated the least reaction, but the fans clearly loved the overall match even though many weren't happy to see Cena win. Overall, a strong pay-per-view. It's just a shame that the hype was so poor because WWE delivered a strong show that many people probably skipped.

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