WWE Raw onsite report: Undertaker and Kane note, John Cena wrestled after Raw went off the air

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Mar 12, 2013 - 09:51 AM

Dot Net reader Nick Shields attended Monday's WWE Raw event in Indianapolis, Indiana and sent the following report.

Right as Raw went off the air, Undertaker and Kane walked to the back at the same time, and pointed at the Titantron of the picture of Paul Bearer. As soon as they left, John Cena entrance music hit and got a great reaction despite it being so late, then Ryback came out followed by the Shield.

1. John Cena and Ryback defeated The Shield by DQ. The Shield were disqualified for bringing a chair into the match. Super Cena and Ryback fended off the Shield and hit their finishers to end the night they both walked around ringside and shook hands.

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