WWE Raw onsite report: Randy Orton asks hometown fans if they want an RKO, Daniel Bryan delivers, detailed notes on the live experience

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Oct 15, 2013 - 11:08 AM

Dot Net reader Reese Wester attended WWE Raw in St. Louis, Mo. on Monday and sent the following report.

I'm 20 years old and had floor seats just out of TV range. This is my first "coverage article" so give me a break here! My last WWE event was Raw 1000.

Shawn Michaels had one of the bigger pops of the evening along with Randy Orton, who the hometown crowd was clearly behind.

The crowd was strangely quiet after Miz beat down Orton. Maybe it was just the yawn fest Miz carries with his persona.

The crowd in my section was definitely some of the Miz's "haterz."

Bray Wyatt mesmerizes with his promos. He feels important even when he has two minutes on the mic.

The only chant I heard in my section during the Fandango and Santino Marella match was "Summer Rae."

Los Matadores are an insanely athletic tag team. They had my section doing "oohs"and "ahs" throughout their match. I'm afraid the bull character will just drag them down to a comedy act even though that last move they did was visually stunning.

Steph and Hunter by far got the most heat.

R-Truth has no sense of tempo. Or rhythm. Or character.

Kids in my section were cracking up at R-Truth running away. At least he's entertaining someone.

I don't think anyone cheered Tons of Funk.

Is the Great Khali lighter than Tensai?

Several people confused Brie Bella with A.J. around me. I believe that's less of a compliment and more of a case of hopeful thinking.

I'll pay to have A.J. Put me in the Black Widow.

The crowd woke up a little for CM Punk. Heyman throwing the IC Title was a great touch. He looked legitimately upset. Punk is so impressive on the mic. I think Punk was going for a "feed me more" chant. Apparently, I was the only one in the arena who thought so.

We get it. John Cena is returning. Whoop dee doo.

When Del Rio went through the middle ropes after Bryan side stepped his drop kick, he hit the floor hard. Scary hard. It may have been during a commercial. From where I was sitting, this match was very botchy looking a couple of times. Even when the lights went down in the arena for when Bryan ran backstage, the ref still counted to 10. I was pleasantly surprised.

Every time the crowd thought The Shield was coming out they would play another video package. It was funny watching the annoyed sighs of those trying to take pictures of the Shield.

FINALLY!!!! The crowd has erupted! The place went nuts when Big Show showed up! And crazier when we had new Tag Team Champs! Watching everyone chant Yes! at the same time was a really cool moment.

After the show went off the air, Triple H had a meltdown and eventually shoved a ref to the ground before the crowd sang "Hey Hey Goodbye"d him to the ramp. He threw a chair up the ramp and then threw it right back down.

The dark main event was Randy Orton against Daniel Bryan who had a decent match until RKO grabbed a mic and played the hometown crowd with a "Hey, St. Louis. Do you wanna see an RKO?" To which everyone chanted Yes! He then retorted with a "I did say you weren't that bright." And yelled No! After more Yes! Chants. Daniel Bryan reversed and pinned Orton. He grabbed the mic and said "Now hold on. I think you guys are a little mixed up. Do you guys want to see an RKO?" "YES" chanted the crowd. He said "Lets practice No!"

Orton then brought up a referee (Who's name escapes me. Chad?) and he proceeded to ask him "Do you want to see an RKO? What do you think?" The ref pondered the question a minute then said "Yes!" Daniel asked the crowd if they thought he could do better than that. He asked the ref to give him three strong Yes's with hand motions! On the third and last Yes!, Bryan RKO'd the ref!! He then picked the mic up and said "St. Louis, I just want to apologize for the worst RKO in history! Thanks for coming out tonight!"

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