WWE Raw onsite report: Notes on the crowd that came off quiet on television and whether it seemed that way in the building

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Jun 25, 2013 - 10:52 PM

Dot Net reader Kevin Hoover attended Monday's WWE Raw show in North Charleston, S.C. and sent the following report.

My girlfriend and I attended the live Raw last night, as well as the house show in Savannah, Ga the night before. I wanted to send in my perspective, as I've read that the crowd seemed pretty tough as it played on television. I've yet to watch the televised version yet.

The building was pretty full with very few empty seats, and there were a lot of kids present.

During the Superstars taping, Miz was pretty over, and even I was suprised at just how loud of a pop he got. Honestly, it was much louder than Daniel Bryan's.

Randy Orton and Bryan got a decent reaction to start the show, and the crowd seemed pretty upset when the match ended so quickly.

The Diva's match didn't generate much of a reaction, until AJ Lee showed up, and got plenty of laughs with her impersonation of Kaitlyn.

There were two Wyatt family promos shown on the screens, and neither seemed to elicit much of a reaction, except from me. Get these guys on TV now, WWE. These guys are such a cool hybrid of Waylon Mercy, Raven, and The Flock, and genuinely seem creepy.

Chris Jericho was super over, and his pop rivaled that of John Cena. Alberto Del Rio was booed pretty heavy.

As there were a bunch of kids present, Tons of Funk and the Uso's got huge pops, but the Shield didn't quite generate the heat you would think they would.

Everyone loved Punk, and the hug between he and Paul Heyman got booed. We were all expecting Lesnar to make an appearance. The match with Darren Young generated zero crowd reaction until the finish came. I'm surprised the match went as long as it did, but I understand the logic with the tag match set for next week.

Cena got a lot of boos, and Mark Henry quite a few cheers. I'm not a Cena fan, but this was one of his better promos.

The announcement of the MITB participants got a nice reaction, and a huge pop for RVD.

Bryan and Orton didn't get as big as a reaction for their main even match as they did earlier in the night. We left before the finish of the main event. They were also advertising a dark main event with Ryback against Cena in a tables match, but don't know if this happened or not.

Overall, this was a great show, and the three hours didn't feel like they dragged on, but it did seem like the crowd was dead for some of the better moments. Maybe the place was more full of casual fans, and not really hardcore wrestling fans?

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