WWE Raw onsite report: Notes on crowd chants, video footage of fans singing Fandango's theme in the concourse after the show

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Apr 9, 2013 - 01:02 AM

Dot Net reader Matt B ( attended WWE Raw and sent the following report.

I was at Raw, in the rafters, section 233. I've been to probably a dozen or so live shows, and my friend that was with me has been to 40 or 50 shows. None of those shows had live crowds like tonight. 

The show started off slow and loud boos for John Cena, and big cheers for Mark Henry. I was in the concession stand lines for the whole promo almost, as they weren't ready for the amount of people that came as they ran out of food at some stands.

The crowd really picked up when Dolph cashed in. After major boos last night, the roof came off the Izod Center when Ziggler's music hit. After that, nobody was safe.

The crowd absolutely ate Randy Orton and Sheamus alive (keeping my words PG, but they let them have it). Amongst the chants we started were "Ole!" (for El Generico), Mike Chioda, JBL, Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole (yes, even Cole), Justin Roberts, random Pretzel vendor, We Want Puppies, X-Pac, RVD, and ECW. The wave started and I was determined to get Randy Savage going, from section 233, and I was so happy to hear it once it got going. We thanked Big Show for coming to save us from that match. 

Once that match ended, Orton left and turned around to stare at the crowd as he looked legit mad at the crowd for just eating them alive. 

The next match was Fandango and Kofi Kingston. As many fans may know, we started dancing and singing the theme for Fandango. We popped for Y2J, and he hit a little dance move which got a pop. Once he left, we started singing the theme. 

The 8-man mixed tag match could not have been cared less for. We sang the theme once again.

Cena came out and fought Mark Henry, but we booed him and just sang Fandango's theme. 

After Raw went off air, Cena got on the mic and thanked us saying we brought in the People's Era and that we make the superstars of the business. He thanked us for a great show, and saying that his favorite chant was the "We are awesome" chant. He ended the show by letting us sing the theme for Fandango, which was followed by WWE playing it. 

On the way out, the crowd kept singing it, and dancing to it (see video below). The crowd started by chanting Fandango's theme, then switched to Daniel Bryan's Yes!, briefly, then back to Fandango. Sorry for the poor quality. I was dancing and singing it myself. People were playing it in their cars, singing it while walking to their cars,or to the buses, or to the trains. I yelled at the merch stand outside to stop playing Nickelback and to play Fandango's music, which got a kick out of everyone outside.

By far, the best crowd I've ever been a part of. Wrestlers have their WrestleMania moments, but tonight was the crowd's WrestleMania Moment. I am already looking forward to next year's WrestleMania and the Raw after.

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