WWE Raw onsite report: Former WWE Diva backstage, five notes on last night's show

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Dec 11, 2012 - 09:30 AM

Dot Net reader Agahzi attended Monday's WWE Raw in Newark, N.J. and sent the following five notes on the show.

1. After Raw went off the air The Shield bailed through the crowd and Big Show slid out of the ring. That left Dolph Ziggler by himself with the faces. He took everyone's finisher in this order: Ryback, Sheamus (Brogue Kick), Daniel Bryan (top rope headbutt with some rabidly loud YES chants), Kane (chokeslam), and then John Cena's AA. The faces then celebrated in the ring. Bryan and Kane bailed while Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus shook hands with fans at ringside.

2. Not sure how it sounded on TV, but the chants and the pop for Ryback were extremely loud. This seemed like the best reaction for him to date. The crowd was super hot for him. The crowd was also super hot for Kane and Bryan.

3. Alberto Del Rio continues to have fun with the fans seated close to where his car is parked. On his way out after his match, he actually shook hands with a few fans before he and Ricardo ducked through the side exit.

4. Lita was backstage. She was a few feet in front of me watching Punk's promo next to some of the production guys. When he and Heyman finished, she walked to the back through the side of the stage.

5. The Miz TV segment was very well received by the live crowd. They seemed into Miz as a face but of course, the Newark favorite last night was Cody's mustache.

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