WWE Raw onsite report: Did Undertaker hug Daniel Bryan? Notes on the differences between airing live in the U.S. and taping Raw

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Apr 23, 2013 - 02:11 PM

Dot Net Member Dom Charles attended Monday's WWE Raw television show in London, England and passed the following report.

I just watched Raw back on TV after being in the arena last night and thought it was worth passing along a couple of random differences I noticed between live and TV.

-The finish of Brodus Clay vs. Damian Sandow was botched as Brodus wasn't hung up properly on the ropes so they immediately re-did the finish

-There was a weird moment at the end of Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler when Fandango's music hit. On TV it looked like Ziggler escaped and then hit the Zig Zag straight away. It was actually an awkward spot where they both went to the floor, Ziggler was sent into the steps and then they went to the finish. All in all, Fandango's music played for about two minutes before they hit the finish which did seem odd given he wasn't coming out

-After the six-man tag, there was a fun moment with Daniel Bryan. As Undertaker started walking out, Bryan grabbed the mic and chased after Undertaker apologizing and trying to get the hug. As Taker went backstage, Bryan chased him and then you could hear him shout 'He hugged me!' and then a quick round of 'Yes' chants. This was followed up by Daniel Bryan and Kane building up to the hug as 'not everyone got to see me (Daniel Bryan) hug the Undertaker'. Nice bit of fun for the crowd (There's an ok quality video of the segment at the bottom of the page).

-Zack Ryder worked the dark match (beating Heath Slater) as well as Raw, which I thought was interesting as it diminished his Raw pop quite a bit.

-The crowd lost a bit of momentum for the Sweet T vs. Cody Rhodes match (as it was the second time they'd all been out) and the Divas match. Layla got a decent pop when she came out for Superstars but again it lost heat seeing her for the second time in the night.

-The biggest pops of the night were for the legends (Undertaker, Triple H, Mick Foley, William Regal) but also Kane and Daniel Bryan running out to start the 6 man got a big pop too

-The only other thing of note with the crowd is a lot of the random chanting seemed to get done while the show was in 'commercial'. The main ones were for JBL, who seemed massively popular as well as the other announcers, the referee, and the camera man. They didn't actually put the full breaks in and would normally fade the lights and then go straight back to it.

It meant the whole taping took just over three hours from dark match to the Cena vs. Ryback segment. I genuinely don't know how people do the U.S. tapings with the full three-hour-and-fifteen minute Raw taping plus the other stuff and a dark main event! People were getting pretty tired as the night went on and a fair few people left after the Taker match.

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