WWE Raw onsite report: Curtis Axel's debut leads to a bathroom break, Ryback avoids using a word, Chris Jericho tended to by a trainer during his match

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May 21, 2013 - 10:05 AM

Dot Net reader Jeremy Donegan attended the WWE Raw event in Kansas City, Mo. on Monday and sent the following report.

People went crazy when the ambulance showed up, but they silenced real quick when it was Ryback. Apparently, the word hospital is not in Ryback's vocabulary because he used the term "medical facility" several times. Someone needs to be his mouthpiece.

The fans went nuts when Fandango made is entrance, but other than Chris Jericho people could not have cared less about the other participants. Fans were getting agitated when Chris Jericho was being looked at by the trainer. This whole no blood thing is asinine.

The whole Sheamus match went on way to long. From a live perspective it was very sloppy.

When Paul Heyman walked out I was excited. I kept thinking they were either bringing someone back or maybe even Brock Lesnar. When Curtis Axel came out I looked at my wife and said, "This is dumb, I'm going to the bathroom." I came back and not even seconds later Triple H's music started. The crowd went ape shit. The promo was weak but the slap could be heard all through out the arena. 

The next three matches were just plain awful and boring. Big E is way bigger than I thought. AJ is just as bad as every other Diva. And I was just hoping that someone was going to squash Zack Ryder, who, by the way, looks like a doofus with his haircut. Ryback destroying him just was as flat as his opening segment.

The six-man tag was match of the night. The Shield had so much heat you could barely hear them talk and when Kofi and Team Hell No came out it was deafening. The action was great. Everyone was all for Daniel Bryan. He was tied with Randy Orton and Triple H for loudest pop of the night. The finish was predictable but it was a great match nonetheless.

Did WWE really think we wanted Great Khali. I knew it would be Randy Orton. It was a good match a lot of back and forth. Orton winning was also predictable. He celebrated well after the commercial break, I'm guessing since its his home state.

Triple H's entrance is awesome live. The match just plain sucked. I know what they're going for, but I wanted a decent match. The whole thing reminded me of the Shawn Michaels angle from back around the start of the Attitude Era.

Overall, an okay show. I will really think hard about buying tickets for the show in October. I didn't stay for the dark match. I just didn't care to see anyone in it.

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