WWE Raw onsite report: Cody's Mustache, live perspective on The Shield and Ryback ending, draining three-hour show format, what happened after Raw went off the air

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Dec 11, 2012 - 11:25 AM

Dot Net reader Chris Murrell attended the WWE Raw event in Newark, N.J. on Monday and sent the following report.

By the time the show started the arena filled out nicely, but it was still not a sellout. There were at least 35 percent of seats open, especially on the hard camera side. My seats were by the section where Alberto Del Rio brings out his car.

The crowd absolutely gave it to Cody Rhodes over his new mustache. I don't know how it sounded on TV but without question the "Cody's Mustache" chant got the most heat of the night in both the segments he was in.
Rosa Mendes is ridiculously hot in person.

After Alberto Del Rio's match with Zack Ryder, when I guess they went to commercial break, I noticed he was clapping hands with fans at ringside and before the match he got way more cheers then boos.

The best match of the night was without question Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler. Even though it wasn't a bad match, the crowd just sat on there hands during Kofi Kington vs. Antonio Cesaro. It's not there fault. It had more to do with the fact that the crowd was starting to get tired after almost three and half hours.
A lot of people were unsure whether C.M. Punk would be on the show. I was glad he was though and his segment was really good live.

The Miz TV segment was pretty pointless. I would rather have seen a segment with Orton squashing Tensai or anybody else for that matter during that time.

John Cena came out they started to get energized. The ending of the show was really great live. The arena went insane when Team Hell No and Ryback came out to make the save.

After the show went off the air, the faces all performed their finishers on Ziggler to send the crowd home happy. We even got to see a quick hug it out between Bryan and Kane. There was not a dark match.

Most cheers
Team Hell No
C.M. Punk (he got both amount of cheers and boos but the cheers pushed out the boos)
AJ (she's from Jersey)
Vince McMahon/Alberto Del Rio/tons of Jerry Lawler chants too

Most boos
Vickie Guerrero
Dolph Ziggler
John Cena
Big Show
The Shield (it felt like a full 30-45 seconds between when Rollins hit the ring and when Reigns and Ambrose arrived)

All in all was a pretty good show live, but the that third hour really drags the crowd down. As I mentioned, the ending of Raw was the moment of the night for me.

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