WWE Raw onsite report: C.M. Punk live experience notes, Chicago loves Daniel Bryan

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Sep 24, 2013 - 11:45 AM

Dot Net reader Kevin Lotito attended WWE Raw in Chicago, Illinois and sent the following report.

It felt like the floors were moving for the C.M. Punk segment. It was the most amazing WWE experience I have ever had and the loudest I have ever heard it for Punk. It's kind of still sinking in. I think it played on TV even how much he was taken aback.

Daniel Bryan? What more can I say besides YES! Chicago was all over Bryan. I can say from were we sat in the upper level there was probably only a handful of people not on their feet screaming Yes! during the last match and the closing of the show. Another amazing experience. Side note: Thank you, Total Divas, for giving the divas a pop again.

This was my first time sitting with a large group of friends and I can say I don't think I will ever sit in the lower level seats again. The upper level seating was so alive and entertaining it was like we were all in our own little world. It seems to be where all the loudmouth, true to the core wrestling fans sit. I was at Payback a few months back and I have to say this Raw experience topped that.

I don't know how it played out on television, but for us it was nothing short of amazing and that is saying a lot for Raw these past months. The highlights go to Punk's segment, The 11-on-3 match, Daniel Bryan, The Wyatt Family, and Naomi (had to). The night had its yawn moments, but for three hours with friends it just makes you realize even more how much you love wrestling.

Additional Biggest Pops
Prime Time Players (surprising to me)
The Wyatt Family
The Miz
Randy Orton (before the viscous RVD attack)
Fandango (amazing to actually be able to chant the theme live)
Santino Marella (big pop in person)
Dolph Ziggler (Chicago is with me by saying we love Dolph)
Zack Ryder (FINALLY)

Most Heat
Triple H and Stephanie
Alberto Del Rio (the amount of heat he got was intense. Especially in my section)
Miz TV (Miz TV bad. The Miz good? Chicago, you confuse me)
Randy Orton (major heat after the RVD match)
The Shield (more of a mixed reaction)

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