WWE Raw onsite report: A first-time live event attendee's perspective on the Raw experience

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Mar 26, 2013 - 05:19 PM

Dot Net reader Victor Rodriguez attended Monday's WWE Raw event in Philadelphia, Pa. and sent the following report.

CM Punk's promo was okay and got good crowd reaction. The Undertaker attack got a huge reaction.He came out from under the ring, which my girlfriend found intense after the lights came on and he was just standing there. Paul Heyman's running away was hilarious. He's pretty fast when he runs.

The crowd popped when Chris Jericho ran out and attacked Fandango the crowd popped. The Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler match was pretty basic. There was a huge "you cant wrestle" chant for Fandango when he was attacked Jericho. It was deafening. I hope it sounded like that on TV.

Triple H's entrance also got a huge pop. My girlfriend got really excited when this happened because he wasn't advertised to be there. We were let down that Brock Lesnar wasn't there, but when I saw Heyman with Punk I assumed Brock would not be there.

Wade Barrett sold the nut shot for a while. I don't know how much of his promo aired but I assume when he his "despite being kicked in the nuts, I can kick anyone's ass in this miserable city." He really doesn't enjoy Philly, he mentions it on his twitter page every time he's here.

The Miz vs. Wade Barrett match seemed like it dragged on forever. The crowd was completely flat throughout. With a lot of "this is boring" and "boring" chants. The Shield picking up The Great Khali was impressive. You can tell The Shield was coming out because they curtain off their aisle and WWE TV staff were up there not letting people through the two lanes they come down from.

The closing segment was pretty good and had people cheering. Dusty Rhodes and Bret Hart got big ovations. My dad got really excited since that's more his era. The Rock got a big ovation and Cena came out to a storm of boos. There were not enough kids and women to cheer him on. He isn't liked much here. The little brawl they got into popped the crowd and so did the Rock Bottom.

The first thing that ever played on the screen was a G.I Joe trailer that got a loud pop, which I found strange because it wasn't anything they haven't showed on TV.

My girlfriend kept asking what was wrong with Dean Ambrose due to his in ring mannerisms, which were awesome to me. She also isn't a fan of The Shield and wanted them to get their asses beat...twice.

This being my first event, I highly enjoyed myself. They are returning on July 14 with The Money in the Bank PPV. I may attend that.

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