WWE PPV Flashback – 2010 WWE Elimination Chamber: Two World Title changes in the Elimination Chamber matches, Drew McIntyre vs. Kane for the Intercontinental Title, Gail Kim vs. Maryse for the WWE Divas Championship

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Feb 17, 2013 - 01:55 PM

The following is Jason Powell's "Live Coverage" report of the February 21, 2010 WWE No Way Out pay-per-view. Check back tonight for Jason Powell and Chris Shore's live coverage reviews of the 2013 WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view beginning at 6:30 p.m. CT. Dot Net Members can look forward to an exclusive audio review of the show from Jason and Chris late tonight. Take advantage of our 5th Birthday Sale pricing before it expires on Monday. To access the coupon codes needed to take advantage of this sale, visit the Dot Net Birthday Sale Page.

Aired live on pay-per-view
St. Louis, Mo. at Scotttrade Center

The show opened with an Elimination Chamber video package. The narrator focussed on the danger of the match and said the six participants will put it all on the line for a shot to headline at WrestleMania... The usual round of pyro exploded on the stage as the live crowd cheered...

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Matt Striker introduced the show from ringside. The Elimination Chamber lowered around the ring.

John Cena came out to a mix of cheers and boos. He received more boos from this crowd than he has received from most crowds lately. Ted DiBiase was out next. Randy Orton received more cheers than boos, and it sounded to this hearing impaired viewer like he scored more cheers than Cena.

Big pop for Triple H. Cole noted that Hunter has won four of the five Chamber matches he's competed in. Good lord. Nice ovation for Kofi, who looked back a couple times before entering the Chamber structure. Funny. Cole once again stopped short of acknowledging that Edge attacked him last year. A ho-hum heel reaction for Sheamus.

Powell's POV: They are in Orton's hometown tonight, but it's not like that's mattered in the past. I don't recall Orton being greeted with more cheers than boos in St. Louis throughout his heel run.

1. John Cena defeated Sheamus, Triple H, Randy Orton. Kofi Kingston, and Ted DiBiase in an Elimination Chamber to win the WWE Championship in 30:25. Sheamus and Kofi started the match. Sheamus went for a big boot to start the match, but Kofi dodged it. Good action early with Kofi catching Sheamus with a kick and then following up with a springboard cross body block for a near fall at 3:00.

A loud "Cena sucks" chant started at 3:30 as they showed a quick shot of Cena, who didn't react. The chant faded quickly. Sheamus hit a great backbreaker for a near fall at 4:40. At 5:15, Triple H entered the match for the first time. He flashed a big smile as he glared at Sheamus while the pod opened.

Hunter and Sheamus had a long stare down that received a nice reaction from the crowd. Hunter got the better of Sheamus as Kofi rested/sold outside the ropes. Sheamus set up for his finisher, but Hunter avoided it. Kofi returned to action and went to work on Sheamus, while Hunter rested/sold at ringside. Kofi hit the Boom Drop on Kofi on the steel outside the ropes at 9:30.

Orton entered the match at 10:15. He ran out the pod and took turns hitting all three of the opponents who were in the ring. Orton rammed Sheamus and Hunter into the steel links a few times each. Kofi dove off the top rope onto all three men while they were outside the ring. Kofi for a springboard move on Randy back inside the ring, but Orton caught him with a dropkick at 13:15.

Hunter went for the Pedigree on Orton at 14:45, but Orton backdropped him over the ropes and onto the steel. Kofi ran at Orton, who tossed him over the top and onto the steel. At 15:40, Ted DiBiase's pod opened and he entered the match for the first time. Ted went right after Hunter. He stopped and looked at Randy, who was sitting in the corner.

Ted eventually reached down and offered his hand to Orton and helped him to his feet. Randy and Ted went to work on Hunter with kicks in the corner. Randy and Ted roughed up their opponents. Orton DDT'd Hunter on the steel. They went to Cena's pod and stared at him. Cena pumped himself up right before his pod opened around 21:30.

Super Cena entered the match and roughed up Orton and DiBiase. He beat up both men and picked up DiBiase for the Attitude Adjustment. Orton went to break it up, but Cena swung DiBiase's legs into Orton. However, he didn't hit the move because Ted held the ropes. Orton eventually broke it up.

Cody Rhodes ran to ringside and slid a steel pipe inside the ring. Ted picked it up. Cena had Orton up for the Attitude Adjustment. Ted looked at both men and struck Randy over the head with the pipe and then Cena in the gut. Ted looked at both men and opted to pin Orton. Randy Orton was eliminated by Ted DiBiase at 24:10.

Ted glared at Randy and flashed a big grin as Orton headed backstage. However, Kofi caught him with Trouble in Paradise a short time later. Ted DiBiase was eliminated by Kofi Kingston at 24:30.

A short time later, Sheamus hit the big boot on Kofi. He followed up with "that finishing move" on Kofi. Kofi Kingston was eliminated by Sheamus at 26:10.

Powell's POV: Cole called Sheamus's kick a "punt kick," which is idiotic. Orton has the punt kick. A boot to the face is not a punt, jackass.

Sheamus and Cena squared off. Sheamus had Cena up for "that finishing move," but Hunter reached up and punched Sheamus in the gut. Hunter followed up with the Pedigree. Sheamus was eliminated by Triple H at 28:50.

The match came down to Triple H vs. John Cena. "Same old wrestling shit," said my buddy Kevin, who isn't a regular viewer. Cena caught Hunter in the STF at 30:00. Hunter struggled to reach the ropes. Hunter eventually tapped out. Triple H was eliminated by John Cena via submission to end the match.

The referee handed Cena the WWE Championship. Vince McMahon walked onto the stage and congratulated Cena. "You're going to WrestleMania," McMahon said. "Just as long as you can defend your championship right now against this man." Batista's music played.

2. Batista pinned John Cena to win the WWE Championship in 0:30. Cena struggled to stay on his feet as Cole bitched about Cena being forced to compete in a "45-minute Elimination Chamber match." Cena threw a punch at the bell, but Batista quickly speared him and hit the Batista Bomb for the win...

Powell's POV: The Elimination Chamber match was great. Really good action and compelling storylines between the various entrants. The Ted turn on Randy was really well done. I was disappointed to see Sheamus lose because I wanted to see him made with a surprise win at WrestleMania 26, but the actual match was very well done. The Vince announcement was a big surprise. Cena was booked awkwardly. Give the story they were setting up with Batista, you'd think Cena would have been in the Elimination Chamber match longer and taken more punishment. Still, a cool surprise. I guess this means Batista is a Raw guy now.

A WrestleMania 26 ad aired...

The announcers spoke at ringside. Cole explained that Vince McMahon was punishing John Cena for supporting Bret Hart over the last few weeks. A video recapped Bret Hart's return and the car accident angle...

Powell's POV: The guys I'm watching the show with cracked up when the footage of Bret's injury angle aired. Ouch.

At ringside, Cole said the information regarding Bret has been hard to come by, but they have been told that he suffered a broken leg and ligament damage...

3. Drew McIntyre pinned Kane to retain the Intercontinental Title in 10:20. Kane took the early advantage and it didn't sound like anyone cared. Striker said 20 percent of all Intercontinental Champions have gone on to become WWE Hall of Famers. I guess that was supposed to make the title sound important, but it really didn't.

McIntyre worked on Kane's arm as the crowd clapped briefly to fire up Kane at 6:00. McIntyre went for his finisher, but Kane backdropped him. Kane hit a big boot. Cole actually called it a big boot this time. Kane scored a near fall a short time later. Striker said Kane may have won the match had his arm not have been injured, as he was unable to hook the leg.

Kane sold the arm by shaking it as he went up top and hit a top rope clothesline. Kane went for a chokeslam, but McIntyre eluded it. Kane continued on the offensive and hit another big boot that knocked McIntyre off the ring apron. Kane eventually threw McIntyre back inside the ring and continued to control the offense.

At 9:25, McIntyre tried to leave, but Kane went after him and roughed him up at ringside. He rolled him back inside the ring and went for the choke in the corner. The referee ducked between them and McIntyre poked Kane in the eyes. McIntyre followed up with his double-arm DDT finisher for the win...

Powell's POV: WWE should be alarmed by the lack of heat that McIntyre generates. He's good in the ring, but the fans just sit on their hands unless he's in there with an over babyface. By the way, the tag ropes are hanging in the corners, which makes me wonder if we're getting the Unified Tag Title match.

Backstage, Gail Kim and Maryse had a moment. Maryse said she's looking forward to their match. Gail fired back that she's going to enjoy beating Maryse tonight and then stormed off...

A "Don't Try This At Home" video aired...

Powell's POV: Two readers are questioning whether Cole is referring to Sheamus's kick as a "pump" kick rather than a "punt" kick. Neither label is accurate, but the pump kick makes a lot more sense. Either way, Cole is still a jackass.

Maryse and Gail Kim were about to square off for the vacant WWE Divas Championship when Vickie Guerrrero delivered the "Excuse Me" line to big heat. She walked onto the stage and took offense to the comments the Raw Divas have made about the Smackdown Divas. Vickie changed it to a tag match...

4. Michelle McCool and Layla beat Gail Kim and Maryse in 3:45. Gail and Layla fought early on. Gail controlled the action and went to the ropes for a move, only to have McCool kick her off the ropes and down to the floor. Later, Gail went for the tag, but Maryse shoved her away. Moments later, McCool hit the Styles Clash for the win. After the match, Maryse DDT'd Gail and struck a pose. Cole said the two women "will still meet at some juncture for the WWE Divas Championship"...

Powell's POV: I didn't care about the WWE Divas Championship going into the match and the latest delay in determining the new champion made me care even less. I guess the important thing is that Michelle McCool got a pay-per-view payoff. Ugh.

An NXT video aired...

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed The Miz, who had his three title belts with him. Miz boasted about his belts and said that if there's anyone who can teach Daniel Bryan to be a star, it's him. Miz said Bryan might be an internet sensation, but when he looks at him he sees the first guy in line at a Star Wars convention. Miz stressed the importance of having a personality and said Bryan better listen to him.

MVP interrupted Miz before he could deliver his "I'm awesome" line. MVP said he earned the right to challenge Miz to a U.S. Title match by pinning him in the non-title tag match on Raw last week. He said the match will take place tonight...

Powell's POV: Wait, so MVP and Mark Henry beat the Unified Tag Champions, but MVP earned the right to challenge Miz to a U.S. Title match? I guess I get it, but shouldn't Henry and MVP have earned a tag title match instead? So this is the second month in a row that WWE has added Miz vs. MVP to a pay-per-view without advertising it first.

William Regal came to the ring and spoke about NXT. He was given the "What" reaction. Regal said he expects to be treated with respect by the NXT contestants. He said the fans could also learn from him. Regal was interrupted by Edge's music. Edge came to the ring in street clothes.

Edge reminded everyone that he can challenge the WWE Champion or the World Hvt. Champion because he won the Royal Rumble. Edge said he will make his decision and announce it on WWE Raw on Monday night. He said he was at this show to do something else. Edge speared Regal for a pop...

Lawler thanked Cypress Hill for providing the theme song for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view... The announcers previewed the Smackdown version of the Elimination Chamber... Another WrestleMania 26 video aired...

5. The Miz (w/Big Show) pinned MVP (w/Mark Henry) to retain the U.S. Title in 13:00. Before the match, the announcers spoke about the Miz and Daniel Bryan pairing. Striker acknowledged that Bryan has competed in the "minor leagues" for 10 years. He said that's nothing compared to WWE.

MVP took the early advantage. Miz came back with his own offense. MVP caught him in a small package for a near fall at 5:15. Miz came back and went for a cover, but MVP turned it into a pin of his own (see the Raw tag match finish from Monday) for his own near fall.

MVP caught Miz with a punch at 6:05. Cole did a nice job of putting it over as a shot that came out of nowhere. Miz regained control as the crowd tried to fire up MVP with claps and a brief "MVP" chant. MVP hit the Electric Chair on Miz. However, Miz quickly regained control of the match again and got another near fall.

Miz showed frustration when MVP kicked out at 7:55. Miz hit a big clothesline in the corner at 9:30. Show popped on the floor and scored some boos from the live crowd. MVP caught Miz on the ropes, but Miz hit him with a pair of headbutts to knock him down. Miz came up bleeding from the forehead. MVP jumped up and hit a belly-to-belly off the ropes.

At 11:50, MVP did the Ballin' routine. Big Show pulled Miz to the floor a short time later. Henry went after Show and knocked him into the guardrail. Henry charged at Show, who moved and then shoved Henry through the guardrail. A short time later, Show reached inside the ropes and nailed MVP with the knockout punch. Miz covered MVP and got the pin...

Powell's POV: WWE isn't doing themselves or these two guys any favors by having them work unadvertised pay-per-view matches. The live crowd didn't shit on the match, but they were very quiet throughout the majority of the match. Why not build up a match and actually advertise it ahead of time and let the fans look forward to it? By the way, the trainer entered the ring right after the match to look at Miz's minor cut.

Highlights aired from earlier in the show of John Cena winning the Elimination Chamber match and then losing the title to Batista moments later. Cole reminded viewers that Edge will announce on Raw whether he intends to challenge Batista or the winner of the second Elimination Chamber match.

6. Chris Jericho defeated Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, R-Truth, and C.M. Punk (w/Serena) to win the World Hvt. Championship in 35:35. Morrison made it inside the pod without HBK beating him up as many of us expected. Cole said Jericho has never won an Elimination Chamber match, but he did win his first World Title in St. Louis.

Punk, who was accompanied by Serena and Luke Gallows, cut a pre-match promo about the fans being locked in a "prison of addiction." He said the four wrestlers in the pods were locked inside the chamber with him. He said that when they are nursing the wounds that he and the chamber have caused, he wants them to think of it as him setting them free. R-Truth's overplayed entrance theme interrupted Punk's promo. "The Elimination Chamber, that's what's up," Truth concluded.

Punk and Truth started the match. Truth got some offense in, but Punk hit the GTS. R-Truth was eliminated by C.M. Punk at 3:40. The announcers pointed out that Punk has additional time because the pods open every five minutes. He took the mic and said Taker better pray his pod opens last because he's going to make him tap again. Punk delivered more mic work and invited fans watching at home to put their hands on the screen and feel his presence flow through them. Good stuff.

Mysterio entered the match at 5:15. Rey was in control early and scored a couple of near falls that the live crowd bought into. Rey went for a huracanrana on the floor, but Punk caught him and swung him into the steel chains. Cole, an avid baseball fan, compared it to Albert Pujols swinging a baseball bat.

Rey made a climb onto one of the pods, but Punk caught him. They jockeyed for position and Punk tried to get in position for the GTS, but Rey hit a huracanra off the ropes and onto the steel grating. Rey followed up with the springboard splash a moment later. C.M. Punk was eliminated by Rey Mysterio at 9:55.

Chris Jericho entered the match around 10:15. Rey went for a springboard off the ropes toward Jericho, who was standing on the steel outside the ring. Jericho ducked, but Rey caught himself on the chains. Cool move. Jericho took control of the offense and slowed down the pace. Cole was nice enough to remind us that an elimination counts as an elimination. Um, thanks, Mike.

At 14:40, Rey caught Jericho in a Dragon Sleeper. Striker fired up for it, but the live crowd didn't share in his enthusiasm. Jericho fought out of it and applied the Walls of Jericho. The clock expired and John Morrison checked into the match at 14:40. Morrison immediately broke up Jericho's submission hold. Shouldn't he want to see another wrestler eliminated?

The three wrestlers traded offense. Striker said it's almost like everyone in the building knows who is next. No, not almost, Matt. The live crowd was really flat and only reacted to big moves. Rey went for a huracanrana on Jericho, who spun around and hit a backbreaker.

Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho on Morrison as the clock counted down. Morrison hit Starship Pain on Rey. Mysterio was eliminated by Morrison at 20:00. Taker started pounding on the glass. Fortunately, the announcers didn't claim it was bulletproof this time around. Taker entered the match at 21:20. He didn't get the big ovation, but no one really was getting big pops at this this point.

Taker hit Snake Eyes on Jercho and clotheslined Morrison. Taker went for a double chokeslam, which received a rare strong reaction from the live crowd, but Jericho and Morrison fought him off. Jericho and Morrison squared off briefly and Jericho came up bleeding from the cheek.

At 23:40, Taker went after Jericho, who entered one of the pods and tried to close the door. Hilarious. Taker stopped him and punched him repeatedly inside the pod. The plexiglass piece slid outside. Morrison hit the Chuck Kick on Taker, but came up holding his ankle as the announcers reminded us of his storyline ankle injury.

Taker went to work on Morrison. Jericho locked himself inside the pod as Taker fought with Morrison. Taker slammed Morrison on the steel and then dragged him back inside the ring for a very anticlimactic pin. Morrison was eliminated by Taker at 28:30.

The match came down to Taker and Jericho. At 32:00, Jericho put Taker in the Walls of Jericho. Taker countered with the Hell's Gate submission hold, but Jericho reached the ropes. At 33:00, Jericho hit the Codebreaker on Taker. Striker noted that it was the same move Jericho used to beat Taker on Smackdown. Jericho went for a cover, but Taker kicked out.

At 34:20, Taker hit the Last Ride on Jericho. "It's crunch time," Cole said. "It's overtime." Taker did the throat slash gesture. Suddenly, Shawn Michaels emerged from underneath the steel grating. HBK entered the ring wearing street clothes and hit Taker with Sweet Chin Music.

A surprised Jericho looked up at Shawn and eventually covered Taker for the 1-2-3 as Michaels stood expressionless over them. Undertaker was eliminated by Chris Jericho with help from Shawn Michaels at 35:35. Shawn stood over Taker and looked down at him to close the show...

Powell's POV: Most of us expected Shawn to get involved somehow to set up his match with Taker. Furthermore, we got the Jericho win that we also expected to set up his match with Edge. I'm not a fan of changing both titles so close to WrestleMania 26.

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