WWE Notes: Meeting Bob Backlund, Make A Wish kid Nick The Stitch, and more on the live experience in Philadelphia

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Oct 14, 2013 - 09:24 AM

Dot Net reader Aaron Fierstein attended Sunday's WWE live event in Philadelphia, Pa. and sent the following report.

One correction from the live event report is it was Tony Chimmel doing the ring announcing, not Justin Roberts. When Damien Sandow came out, he got on mic and mentioned how he won MITB here three months ago.

The crowd was really looking forward to the Wyatts, as was I. Everyone was disappointed that Bray Wyatt stayed on the stage the entire time. i guess he really is hurt.

Before the C.M. Punk match, Punk got on the mic and talked about how Paul Heyman hit him with the ladder here three months ago and cut him open to the extent that he got stitches. Heyman's reply was, "Brock made me do it."

Also, I didn't realize it at first until I heard a conversation in front of me but I was sitting next to the lady who was on the Raw back in April where it was Make a Wish day. Her son is a Make a Wish kid. They were wearing the Nick the Stitch shirts. She told me they were on "The Today Show" that day and then were flown to Columbus for Raw. They are from New Jersey. This one family met CM Punk for the VIP Experience they had for the Philly show.

I haven't seen this building so empty in a very long time. There were probably 5,000 in attendance at the most. I met Bob Backlund after the show. He put me in the Cross Face Chicken Wing for the professional pic and signed it. I got to speak to him for a couple minutes afterwards and he was a very nice guy. The whole experience still got me laughing and the Cross Face hurt just a tad.

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