WWE News: Wyatt Family theme song origin story

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Sep 10, 2013 - 10:22 AM

The origins of the theme song used by The Wyatt Family was addressed in a Charlotte Observer story. Mark Crozer, a British born songwriter who now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, wrote and performed the song "Broken Out in Love." WWE purchased the copyright and renamed it "Live in Fear."

"Television seems to function like the new MTV,” Crozer told the Charlotte Observer. "Music videos were how you got your music heard, but now it’s television. If you had a piece of music in a high profile show, suddenly there are millions of people hearing your music. A lot of those people will turn to the internet to easily look up the song. I was surprised – the show airs on Monday night, and instantly, my email inbox fills up with tweets and contacts on Monday nights."

Meanwhile, Windham Rotunda (a/k/a Bray Wyatt) raved about the song. "As soon as I heard the bass line of this one a spark happened," he said. "It was magic. He was able to capture a mood in a melody. The mood is very eerie. The song and Bray Wyatt come together so well because Bray is an enigma." Read more at

Powell's POV: Crozer said he was going for a Radiohead and "Daytripper" era Beatles combination, though he confesses he didn't pull it off. The article is a very good read. Crozer noted that both sides are open to working together in the future and he believes he has some instrumental music that could be used as background music on future shows.

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