WWE News: What happened with the big brawl after Raw went off the air?

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Jan 21, 2013 - 10:20 PM

Dot Net readers Bobby Venomous, Jose Ortiz, and Pete Alcazar attended Monday's WWE Raw television show and sent the following report on what happened after the television show went off the air.

The mini Royal Rumble went on until Shemus and John Cena were left. Big Show came out and cut a promo that was met with a bunch of what chants. It ended up being a tag match.

1. John Cena and Sheamus defeated Big Show and Wade Barrett. Good action from all. Cena and Sheamus double teamed Show. Cena got the pin. After the tag match. Big Show said it takes two people to take him down and that no one person can take him down. Alberto Del Rio hit the ring and hit him with his signature moves and sent him on his way. Del Rio then celebrated with the fans and even put on a fans 49'ers hat and sent everyone home happy.

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