WWE News: WWE star "open to the idea" of running for US Senate

Posted in: WWE News
May 18, 2013 - 01:13 PM

Reason Magazine, a libertarian based publication, is reporting that WWE star Kane (a/k/a Glen Jacobs) is "open to the idea" of running for the US Senate seat in Tennessee currently held by Republican Lamar Alexander. Jacobs, who would run as a Republican and primary Alexander should he choose to run, has been very outspoken as of late concerning the Internet sales tax law before Congress, and has a long history of libertarian activism. You can read the report at

Shore's Slant: As the story states, this is still just rumor, and it sounds like there are a lot of "if" hurdles to clear before Kane officially threw his hat in the ring. That said, how cool would this be? I realize we have already been down this road to some degree with Jesse Ventura, but Ventura didn't portray "The devil's favorite demon" for a decade before jumping into Republican politics (Ventura ran as an independent). As a political junkie, this is theater I would pay to see.

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