WWE News: WWE releases Q3 Key Performance Indicators ahead of next Thursday's conference call

Oct 25, 2012 - 09:33 AM

WWE released their third quarter key performance indicators on Tuesday, giving us the first hint at what next week's conference call might sound like. You can see the pdf file at A quick breakdown of the indicators:

-Average attendance in North America is flat, both from last quarter to this and from Q3 last year to this year. Average attendance is up big internationally, increasing by 2200 since last quarter and 1200 over last year with only seven events this quarter.

-PPV buys are down big from the previous quarter, but remain essentially flat year to year with the slightest of increases. Both SummerSlam and Night of Champions showed growth over last year, but Money in the Bank lost ground from 2011.

-Home video buys are down from last quarter, but remain essentially flat year to year with a slight decrease from 2011.

-Online sales are down both year to year and from the prior quarter.

Shore's Slant: Of particular note, SummerSlam jumped big from last year, earning about 350,000 buys. Overall, business looks to be about the same for WWE as last year. Not great, but not slipping either. Jason Powell and I will have full coverage of the WWE Conference Call next week.

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