WWE News: WWE pay-per-view leak story makes it to NPR

Posted in: WWE News
Jul 18, 2013 - 09:22 AM

Comparing the recent Reddit posts to the NSA scandal, NPR has a story about the wildly accurate Dolphins1925 Reddit user who has been correct on the last 38 WWE PPV matches. The story is mostly a rehash of the Deadspin article from Monday, but on a much more mainstream site. You can read the article at

Shore's Slant: This is about to reach Edward Snowden levels! OK, maybe not, but it is an interesting story. WWE's claims to have not known about this until now seems fishy to me, but it isn't impossible. The person who is doing it says they are trying to get WWE to stop the leaks. My fear is WWE pulls a crazy switch just to make the guy wrong, and destroy half the card for that PPV in the process.

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