WWE News: WWE issuing refunds for WrestleMania 29 online technical issues.

Posted in: WWE News
Apr 8, 2013 - 12:12 PM

Dot Net reader Greg B. sent the following email regarding the technical issues that occurred for fans who ordered WrestleMania 29 via the WWE website.

We ordered it about an hour before it started, and the feed cut shortly after the PPV went live at 7 PM Eastern.I sent in several requests for a refund during the outage, and just received an e-mail from apologizing and acknowledging that the refund is in progress. You can see more about our experience at

Powell's POV: WWE is obviously doing the right thing in this case. Considering their online pay-per-view issues and some of the issues that occurred with indy groups that ran iPPVs this weekend, the consumer confidence in online streaming of events has really taken a hit.

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