WWE News: WWE Hall of Famer "Superstar" Billy Graham blasts CM Punk for promo on Monday Night, Chris Jericho responds to Graham on Twitter

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Jan 9, 2013 - 02:23 PM

WWE Hall of Famer "Superstar" Billy Graham took to Facebook to criticize CM Punk for what Graham believes was a slight against former WWF Champion Bruno Sammartino during Punk's promo on Monday's Raw. Graham's biggest problem was Punk saying Sammartino only wrestled "once a month at Madison Square Garden." You can read the full post at

After laying out his case, Graham wrote, "CM Punk, I have lost all respect for you for nor[sic] saying no to the writers of the WWE for saying Bruno Sammartino only wrestled once a month in Madison Square Garden. You talk about one of the greatest icons ever in pro wrestling like he was a JOBBER??? You should be ashamed of yourself for not having the self-dignity to say NO to the writers on that line. That line you delivered indicates that I am a big loser like Bruno as well and insults me as I wrestled in the same era as Bruno. This only confirms more that I want my name out of the WWE Hall of Fame."

Former WWE star Chris Jericho took to Twitter to give his thoughts on Graham's critique. Jericho wrote, "Dear Superstar Billy Graham, Shut the hell up and stop being such a mark. Your Pal, Chris Jericho."

Shore's Slant: I winced at the line about Sammartino too as that was the generation that would work six nights a week and twice on Sundays, or at least that's how it was here in the South. Still, I didn't see it as that big of a deal considering Punk is playing a heel and disrespecting legends is good heat, and it looks like Jericho was trying to get the same point across. I have to admit it still surprises me how much the generation that thought kayfabe meant everything can get so upset about what characters today say.

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