WWE News: WWE Canadian home bought by largest Canadian cable provider

Posted in: WWE News
May 1, 2013 - 04:33 PM

Rogers Media, the largest cable provider in Canada, has been granted approval to purchase Canadian sports network The Score, home of WWE television in Canada. Rogers does intend to make some changes to the lineup on The Score, but there is no indication that means changing WWE programming. You can read more at [Thanks to Dot Net reader Adam Lebow.]

Shore's Slant: I'm not the conspiracy theory guy, nor am I trying to start one here by saying this, but I do find it interesting that Rogers buys the WWE home just a few weeks after announcing they were moving the TNA home to a different tier, requiring wrestling fans to pay more to see TNA. The purchase of Score has been awaiting clearance for some time so the timing is merely coincidence, but still an interesting one.

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