WWE News: Undertaker on why he continues to wrestle, who will let him know when its time to retire

Jun 13, 2013 - 09:15 AM

WWE legend The Undertaker (a/k/a Mark Calaway) spoke with the Houston Chronicle's Ken Hoffman and was asked why he continues to wrestle despite his injury history. "Honestly, I love it, that's why," Taker said. "I've got 26 years in the business and all these injuries, but WrestleMania has become so huge, it's just hard to walk away from it.

"I want the audience leaving the stadium going 'Wow!' It's a responsibility I have being a top dog in this business. The crowd will let me know when it's time to leave. They haven't yet... If I didn't perform at WrestleMania, in some strange weird way, I'd feel like I was letting Vince McMahon down." The interview is available at

Powell's POV: The interview is behind a pay wall, so thanks to James Caldwell of for the quote. Taker did the interview to promote the SPUR Ride and Rally Raffle. For more details on charity that benefits American's Mighty Warriors and SPUR Compassion Ministries of Lake Hills Church, visit

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