WWE News: Ultimate Warrior discusses his current relationship with WWE in a sit-down interview (video included)

Jul 15, 2013 - 05:37 PM

Former WWE star The Ultimate Warrior was interviewed by Sam Roberts of Sirius/XM satellite radio on Monday and was asked about his current relationship with the company and Vince McMahon. "The best thing about everything right now with WWE after years of fighting and storytelling is that we're not fighting right now," Warrior said.

"I don't have anything I can tell you about what the future holds. When something like this (video game) happens there's always rumors that take place about returning in some way or a Hall of Fame appearance, I don't have anything to tell you about that." You can view the interview at

Powell's POV: Warrior noted that the Take 2 video game company had to get WWE to sign off on working with Warrior on the video game project, but he added that he's not working directly with WWE on the video game. Warrior also spoke about how much he watches WWE programming today, working a match against Vince McMahon, and more.

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