WWE News: UFC President Dana White calls WWE Network "ridiculous"

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Jan 28, 2014 - 06:42 PM

UFC President Dana White stated during a media luncheon that the WWE Network devalues the product and his company will not follow suit. "It's ridiculous," White said. "I hate to sound like I'm attacking the WWE or de-value what they did because Vince McMahon, say whatever you want and he's always smashing us and talking shit about us, but I will tell you this – I was watching WWE I was a little kid and Vince was the commentator in WWE.

"This guy has been kicking ass, breaking rules and doing things that people said he couldn’t do over and over and over again. Now I'm older I don't get the whole thing, it doesn't work for me, but what he's able to do, the ratings he's able to pull and the things he's done and when I look at his model and he's basically taking everything in and de-valued it. Saying everything we do is worth $10. That doesn't make sense to me.

"If he pulls in 2 million subscribers, he's crushing it. So it's a risky move, it's a crazy move, but Vince has been doing risky, crazy s—t since the beginning of time.  If anybody can do it, maybe Vince can do it." Read the full story at

Powell's POV: I'm surprised that White isn't being more open minded about the approach publicly. I get what he's saying about the $10 figure, but he's right when he says that WWE could be "crushing it" if they reach the two million subscriber mark, at which point UFC would be foolish not to at least consider a similar approach. While I believe the network will be a long term success for WWE, there's always a chance that White will turn out to be correct, as this is simply uncharted territory.

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