WWE News: The Rock wins Kids Choice Awards, still no mention of WWE

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Mar 24, 2013 - 11:00 AM

The Rock won the "Male Butt Kicker of the Year" Kids Choice Awards and was there to accept the award. The Rock did not carry the title belt, and at least during his acceptance speech, didn't mention WWE. You see the video at [Thanks to Dot Net reader Alex Amsinger.]

Shore's Slant: This is getting a little absurd. I don't expect Rock to gush over WWE, nor do I even expect him to mention it every chance he gets. But this has been two high profile moments in one week with nary a mention (at least in this video) of WWE. Seems kind of pointless to have the big media star as your champion if he never mentions you in the media.

Kids' Choice Awards 2013: The Rock Wins Favorite Buttkicker

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