WWE News: The Rock's father feels he played a big part in "no one ever talking about the color of Dwayne's skin"

Feb 4, 2013 - 02:20 PM

WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson is featured in a Tampa Tribune story written by Paul Guzzo. Johnson spoke of getting over despite not playing a stereotypical black character. "By being a stereotype, they thought white fans would cheer for them because they weren't threatening, so they would dance to the ring with a bucket of fried chicken and talking like, 'Yessa,' Johnson recalled.

"I wouldn't demean myself. I spoke articulately. I told people I was a great athlete and told all the kids - white and black - that they needed to eat right, study and listen to their parents. I proved that white people would cheer for a black man who was portrayed as their equal. Not only did I get over in the South, but I did so on my terms."

Johnson also spoke about his son The Rock. "No one ever talks about the color of Dwayne's skin," Johnson said. "That is what makes what I did so important to me. I like to think I proved a wrestler's skin color doesn't matter. I'm glad my son doesn't have to be labeled black or Samoan or mixed. He has instead been labeled as the best." Read the full article at

Powell's POV: Johnson recalled Dick Murdoch throwing three stiff punches during a match and how he responded by "dropping him like a sack of potatoes." The story also features quotes from WWE Hall of Famers Jerry Lawler and Dusty Rhodes, as well as former WWE wrestler Brian Blair. The story is written by the same writer who did the piece on Milton McBride Rosen, the man with Down syndrome, whom Rock considers his brother. It's another excellent read.

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