WWE News: Stunt played on Stephanie McMahon by UFC fighter

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Mar 14, 2014 - 12:48 PM

UFC fighter Chael Sonnen's stunt of attempting to give out the phone number of Stephanie McMahon during an interview on the Canadian talk show "Off the Record" is making headlines. The story was picked up today by [Thanks to all the readers who have passed along coverage of the story]

Powell's POV: Sonnen was asked about the C.M. Punk situation and stated that instead of speculating or calling Punk, he would call Stephanie on the air. "And have her tell Triple H I just played the game," Sonnen said. He was quickly scolded by host Michael Landsberg and the phone number was actually blurred out and was not shown onscreen, though Landsberg did call and verify that it was her phone number.

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