WWE News: Snoop Dogg includes Brodus Clay in his latest video endorsing Hot Pockets

Posted in: WWE News
Oct 13, 2012 - 11:07 AM

WWE star Brodus Clay is featured in the a video that serves as an endorsement for Hot Pockets. You can view the video at [Thanks to Dot Net reader Jeff Soukup]

Powell's POV: Keep an eye out for Clay around the 2:55 mark of the video. Clay worked as a bodyguard for Snoop prior to getting his start in pro wrestling. And, yes, I know he's calling himself Snoop Lion these days, but I am too much of an OG to use that name. Okay, so I just don't like the sound of it and I've spent years looking for an excuse to refer to myself as OG. I'm out biznitches.

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