WWE News: Saturday Morning Slam returns to Cablevision after the provider and the Tribune Company come to agreement

Posted in: WWE News
Oct 27, 2012 - 01:02 PM

Cablevision and the Tribune Company, which owns the CW station on Long Island, have settled the contract dispute that started in August, leading to the CW, and WWE's newest show Saturday Morning Slam, being removed from Cablevision subscribers. The channel was added back last night, meaning the area got its first chance to see the kid based WWE show for the first time this morning. [Thanks to Dot Net reader AJ Maltese.]

Shore's Slant: And there was great rejoicing throughout the land. I tried to find how many people thi affected, but all of the news sources seemed more interested in the Fox station that was removed from the Connecticut market getting returned to the air. That's another 50,000 people who can see Linda McMahon's ads now!

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