WWE News: Ryback teases that he was released

Posted in: WWE News
Jan 12, 2014 - 11:15 AM

WWE star Ryback (a/k/a Ryan Reeves) created some buzz via Twitter on Saturday night when he posted a series of tweets that he ultimately deleted. "Breaking news Tensai did not sandbag me," Ryback wrote. "I lied. I was released though." The release he referred to was in reference to a traffic stop. "Thank God the officer released me with no ticket," he wrote. "He mistook my GPS for a phone." You can read his deleted Twitter comments at

Powell's POV: Don't feel too bad if you were among the fans who came away from this thinking he was released (and there were quite a few of you based on emails and Twitter). I received a text from someone in the industry who suspected that was the case as well. Obviously, Ryback was just having some fun with fans. Say what you will about the approach, but he got people talking.

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