WWE News: Rock heavily promotes WWE and WrestleMania on morning talk show

Posted in: WWE News
Mar 27, 2013 - 02:20 PM

The Rock appeared on Live with Kelly and Michael to promote GI Joe and this time did mention WWE and sell WrestleMania. Rock said wrestling was in his blood and wanted to figure out a way to "give back" to the industry that gave so much to him. You can see the video at

Shore's Slant: I have been critical of Rock not even mentioning WWE in recent appearances so let me quickly praise him for doing so here. He also gave host Michael Strahan a replica title belt which engendered a lot more good will and hype than just wearing his version out. Many people have pointed out that Rock was probably contractually obligated not to talk about WWE in those other appearances, but that begs the question. Does that same contract not apply here? I realize Kelly and Michael aren't Jay Leno, but this show had to have more viewers than the Kids Choice Awards, so it can't just be a size thing. What's the difference between the shows?

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