WWE News: Remake of old WrestleFest game coming to iPhone/iPad

Posted in: WWE News
Feb 18, 2012 - 12:10 PM

THQ announced this week a revamp of the classic arcade game WrestleFest for the iPhone and iPad. The new game, WWE: WrestleFest, has the look and feel of the old arcade version, but with updated graphics and a mix of old and new stars. Features will include online multiplayer matches, steel cage matches, and a Royal Rumble match. You can see screenshots of the new game at

Shore's Slant: This looks very cool, but I'm not one who likes playing games like this on phones and the iPad. Yes, I realize that makes me an old fuddy duddy, as does the term fuddy duddy. I could have picked any image to show here, but this one of John Cena cracked me up.


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