WWE News: Randy Orton's opponent comments on the fan incident

Posted in: WWE News
Jul 30, 2013 - 10:20 PM

Big E Langston, who wrestled Randy Orton at Tuesday's live event in Cape Town, South Africa, made reference to the fan who attacked Orton. "That's not exactly what we mean by 'intimate fan experience' #WWECapeTown," Langston wrote. Follow him online at

Powell's POV: For those who missed it earlier, a fan entered the ring after Orton's match against Langston and low-blowed Orton. The fan was quickly escorted away by security and is reportedly being held in a South African jail. WWE issued a statement stating that it was a legitimate situation and the extent of Orton's injuries were unknown. Orton has yet to comment on the matter, but he did return to his post match celebration shortly after the fan left the ring.

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