WWE News: Pay-per-view spoilers leaking online gets attention from Deadspin website

Posted in: WWE News
Jul 15, 2013 - 10:23 PM

The Reddit pro wrestling fan forum has a poster who has correctly listed the spoilers for the last 38 WWE pay-per-view matches prior to the show. The story of WWE's creative department having a leak made its way to [Thanks to Dot Net reader Joe Petrow and others who passed along the story]

Powell's POV: The Reddit poster is named Dolphins1925 and he was once again correct with his Money in the Bank spoilers. Obviously, WWE isn't pleased that this is happening. The story states that creative didn't know about the issue until today, though I strongly doubt that's the case since it's been a topic of conversation amongst many online fans and people within the company over the last month or two.

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